Sciatica Treatment

Please watch the video below for an overview of how I can help you treat your Sciatica.

Sciatica is a painful condition where the nerve running down the back of the leg is compromised in some way. It results in pain and/or numbness and tingling running down the back of your leg sometimes into the foot.

This is commonly caused by disc problems in the lower back, but can also be caused by a range of different pathologies.

Its very important to get a proper diagnosis to ensure the problem isn’t dangerous to your health. You can see an Osteopath who will perform some special tests and may refer you for an MRI to get a diagnosis.

Sciatica commonly occurs when the nerve is compressed by pressure from inflammation in a damaged tissue (commonly the disc).

Osteopathy can help reduce inflammation to an area of the body relieving pressure on the nerves.

The sciatic nerve can sometimes get trapped by tight muscles in the buttocks giving you pain and/numbness and tingling down the leg.

Osteopathy treatment can relieve the tension in these muscles. There are a variety of self help exercises you can perform too which you’ll be advised to do following a diagnosis.

If the sciatic nerve becomes entrapped, the nerve can get stretched resulting in severe pain/numbness down the back of the leg, and sometimes into the foot.

Gentle manipulation can help to free the nerve from its entrapped position to enable you to move freely.

If you MRI 100 people who have no back pain, around 25% of them will have disc problems. This means that just because you have a disc problem, you don’t have to be in pain. In fact, Matt your Osteopath, also has a disc problem. It no longer gives him
pain however because ensuring all the other joints around the body work better so no stress is placed on the damaged area.

Maintaining healthy mobile hips and upper back help distribute movement more evenly throughout the body putting less stress on damaged tissues.

  • One Path Osteopathy has free parking available in Westfield Hornsby, Sydney.
  • Osteopath’s are primary health care providers – we can give you a diagnosis so you don’t necessarily need to see your GP (unless following examination the Osteopath recommends a visit to your GP).
  • Osteopathy can help you avoid surgery in the event of disc problems.
  • If you are experiencing severe weakness/inability to move both legs and/or bladder and bowel dysfunction, this is a medical emergency and you will need to go immediately to ER.

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