Movement coaching

Pre history our ancestors thrived by being adaptable, generalist movers. Their bodies were chiselled from the practicalities of life.

Our brains have developed throughout evolution as a result of our need to move. Our ancestors were highly skilled movers, able to move efficiently through a wild environment. They could run, jump, fight, crawl, climb, lift, carry etc. They were highly adaptable and learned to move in more complex movement patterns throughout their whole lives.

This underpins the development of our intelligence. We are the most intelligent creatures on the planet because we were the best movers on the planet.

To be truely fit, healthy and physically capable we must pay attention to the lessons of our ancestry.Our training should be complex, skilled, and highly variable.

Your training should use the full capability of your body to move.

If you are just doing weights, or just running on a treadmill then chances are you’re not moving in a diverse enough way. When you compare your life today to our ancestry we can see why so many of us are injured, in pain, sick and immobile.

Movement coaching brings us back to our natural ability to move. Sessions with Matt include mobility training to restore natural full range of motion to the body alongside the development of skilled movement patterns.

Matt uses techniques learned from movement specialists such as:

  • Ido Portal (
  • Ex Olympic coach and Gymnastic Bodies founder Coach Sommer (
  • Movnat (
  • Animal Flow (
  • Functional movement systems (

And the list goes on.

The training is lots of fun. You will use your brain as well as your body.

The personalised training sessions can also address lifestyle issues such as pre or rehabilitation for desk bound workers, or back pain prevention for manual workers.

This training is adaptable to all backgrounds and ages. It is a proven system to help you move better whether just for day to day life, or competitive sports.

If you partake in any sports we can work towards improving your game with mobility training too such as improving spinal rotation for a better golf swing, or strengthening ligaments for football players or mobility training for weightlifters.

Matt brings the opportunity to explore your natural ability to move well, then move often.

Start your journey to moving better with a free functional movement assessment.

Free Functional Movement Assessment

Movement quality is an essential component to reducing the risk of injury and reaching optimal levels of health and performance.

The Functional movement assessment identifies limitations or asymmetries in movement patterns that may lead to injuries.

These asymmetries can be treated with mobility techniques to stop injury and help you succeed in whatever physical discipline you choose.

The assessment involves 7 movement patterns which test for both mobility problems and motor control problems (your neurological control of your body)

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Fees Structure

1 on 1 tuition $100

Movement class – $40 single
(max class size 5)

$350 10 pack.

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